Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We are proud to be one of Georgia’s top five foreign investors operating in construction & development, hotels & accommodation, furniture manufacturing & the retail and food business.

MAQRO Group is managed by a strong and dedicated management team motivated to deliver the highest possible quality in all group activities. Our team of approximately 750 employees has a shared belief in our mission to deliver a truly high standard of living to our customers.

MAQRO Construction is the driving force of MAQRO Group as the Group realizes construction is one of the creative industries which plays a very big role in creating a quality built environment and quality of life for the public. The future of the construction industry looks promising worldwide, as it has a very big potential to be developed as a major contributor to the economy. Growth in many economic sectors will generate spillover benefits to the construction sector globally, but the competition will become keener. Being aware of the fact that competition brings about more business opportunities, we plan to expand our operations, look beyond one market and view the global market as our horizon.

Believing living in a green and healthy environment is a human right, the company leaves no stone unturned in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. The company’s vision involves solutions aimed at making people’s lives more comfortable, valuable, integrated, pleasant and sustainable.

Each one of us at MAQRO Group acknowledges the additional responsibility which we now shoulder for being a trusted company. A testimony to our commitment and success so far is reflected in the trust customers put in us and in the fact that we are one of the fastest growing companies in the market. In addition, it has enhanced our responsibility and we remain conscious of the fact that we have to raise the bar and set even higher standards for ourselves. We adopt a motto - Thinking of People for People and that’s why our credo is No Cost Overrun And No Time Overrun. It is very important that we uphold the trust and responsibility given to us both by the industry and the public. We have to maintain our professionalism, abide by our code of ethics and live with integrity at all times. MAQRO Group cannot lose the trust given by the public and will protect it at all costs.

While there is much to be proud of, our work is not yet done; we must keep our eye on the horizon and hope and plan that our growth will continue globally.